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Kegging the Porter

I kegged the Porter (7%) today, and initial tastings are positive (almost has a peanut butter and chocolate taste). It was pitched onto a 1098 cake. I think two bigger beers are all I want to push the yeast. The smell of the fermentor was OK but not as “clean” as I would have liked. Anyway, now it’s on tap and will be drinkable in about a week. Still need a name for the beer.


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Beyond Barleywater

Fellow Beeradvocates, find me here. If you drink beer and aren’t on Beeradvocate, get on it.

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Bottling Night

Rosewater is bottled for long-term aging, and I’ve prepared Goodman Brown Ale and Four Score for two competitions. More on those as they develop. Bottling beer…….it’s kind of like being kicked in the nuts except less fun.

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Rye Idea

I’ve brewed an IPA and Brown Ale with 1098┬áto fantastic results, which brings me to my next brew, a rye beer. I quite like the rye character in beer, so I’m going to give this recipe a shot, which I will pitch onto a third-generation 1098 cake thus testing a new rye recipe and the viability of 1098 as my house yeast.

The tentative recipe is:

62% 2-Row
25 % Rye Malt
7% Munich Malt
4% Caramel Wheat
2 % Choc Rye

25 IBU Chinook (@60 min)

152 single infusion for 1 hour
60 minute boil

I hope to brew this in the next few weeks. I’ll post updates as they come.

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