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Wee Bit O Heavy

Today I brewed the Wee Heavy. It went well, but I had low (wee?) efficiency (I think it has something to do with the MO base malt), so it will be on the lower alcohol end of the spectrum. I steeped the dark again because Maltdoror, which I also steeped grain for, tasted really great when I bottled it yesterday.

Consensus: steep dark grains.



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I won bronze at this year’s Foam Cup for an oak-aged stout; see here: ¬†http://foamcup.us/Results.aspx.

I also entered two other experimental beers into this contest. I had low hopes for these odd recipes to score high, but I am interested in the feedback. I also entered Hey Porter! in this one, but I’m afraid the three month mark is the cut-off point for this brew.

I’ll have to enter the ESB and Maltdoror into comps and see how they do, as I look forward to a Thanksgiving Wee Heavy brew day.

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I brewed a revised version of an American Stout (Maltdoror) recipe I’ve been working on tonight.

Short-ish brew day around 4.5 hours top to bottom. Everything went smoothly enough, but I got spectacularly low efficiency on this batch. I’m not exactly sure why, so I’ll be thinking over the possibilities on that one over the next few days. The only reason it bothers me is that I’ve been consistent for a while now, and this was not. I’m not obsessive over numbers, but I need to figure out what is going on with my system to see such a change.

Anyway, I also tried out a new technique: steeping the dark grains (I’ve read about it but never done it). I added the liquor in the last 10 minutes of the boil. The wort tasted different than what I’m used to. I hope that is for the best…I already want to make a few minor tweaks to this recipe, again.

I’ll report back on how the steeping worked post fermentation.

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ESB Brewed

Last night I brewed an ESB. Everything went really well, which proves it is possible to brew beer while recording music, entertaining friends, and having a few in between all that.

The ESB 1968 yeast flocculates quicker than any yeast I’ve seen. The fermentation is going strong now, but it was a bit slower to start than some other yeasts I’ve used.

Tip: swirl your carboy a few times a day for the first day and, I’m assuming, the first few days, to keep the yeast in suspension. Post swirl, the yeast kicked up like crazy and is now off and running.

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