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Alright, as the new year descends, I’m proud of the progress I’ve made this year in my brewing. I’ve now been brewing for about a year and a half, and I have been doing well in competitions, see the following, and have been making interesting, non-stylish beers, like my rye beer. Here is how I did in competitions this year, which I started entering in September:

Brewing awards:

  • Gold —Goodman Brown Ale, American Brown Ale, Schooner Homebrew Championship, 2011
  • Gold—Four Score, Belgian Strong Dark Ale, Schooner Homebrew Championship, 2011
  • Gold—Hey Porter!, Robust Porter, Malt Madness V, 2011
  • Gold—Hey Porter!, Robust Porter, Piedmont Brewer’s Cup, 2011
  • Silver—Hopline, American IPA, Virginia Beer Blitz, 2011
  • Silver—Four Score, Belgian Strong Dark Ale, Virginia Beer Blitz, 2011
  • Bronze—Oam, Oak Aged Stout, Foam Cup, 2011
  • HM—Winter Shaker, ESB, Happy Holidays Homebrew Competition, 2011

Now then, my brewing goals for 2012 are:

  • Build an all electric brewing setup
  • Win more awards than in 2011
  • Improve all my recipes and refine three recipes until I am 100% happy with them
  • Brew an amazing stout

Tomorrow I will make a starter for a saison (which I will dose with brett after primary fermentation) that I plan to brew on Sunday.

Cheers and happy new year.


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The pale ale has been fermenting for two days now, and the wyeast 3522 is insane. I’ve had a crazy amount of blow off from the yeast already, at the lower end of its fermenting temp, and it continues to madly ferment.

Also, I plan to brew a saison soon.

Much more coming up, including a year-end recap and next year’s brewing goals.

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After a successful trade with brkstoutfiend @ beeradvocate, we started talking about home brewing. In fact, after several back and forths, we decided to collaborate on a recipe, which we will both brew, and send to each other for comparison.

We settled on a pale ale, and the recipe now looks like this:

Target O.G. 1.050

Mash in around 152-154.

85% 2-Row
5% 40L
5% Dextrin
5% Dextrose or Sucrose

1oz Centennial (60 min)
1oz Citra (30 min)
.5oz Centennial (flameout)
.5oz Citra (flameout)

1oz Centennial (dry hop)
1oz Citra (dry hop)

WLP 550/Wyeast 3522

After primary fermentation, rack onto 1lb of orange blossom honey.

This is my first collaboration, and I’m looking forward to brewing this beer!

Outside of that, there is more news to come in the next few weeks, but, basically, things will be slowing down a lot for me on the brewing front as I get ready to relocate, so this collaboration is great because it is a recipe that I can brew quickly and turn around before I get too busy.

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