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So, the collaboration pale ale, Agent Orange, won me a Silver medal in the 2012 Midwinter Home Brew Competition, which had over 650 entries!

Check it out here: http://midwinterhbc.beerbarons.org/

I think it’s really cool that two homebrewers came together to make this recipe, which then won a metal (good vibes, man).

I have more updates to come, including a big one about my Denver experience (in terms of beer/brewing) soon.


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So the move to Denver is complete, and we are getting settled in nicely so far. In fact, I had the pleasure of finding The Brew Hut, which has a godly grain room and friendly staff, and just happens to be next to the amazing Dry Dock Brewing.

Ingredients acquired, I decided to brew an IPA for my first Denver brew because it is pretty straightforward, and I am brewing on a new stove, in a new kitchen, and at a new altitude.

Anyway, my award-winning set up looks like this:

Fancy stuff. The hops for Hopline v. 2 are my personal favorites:

I was actually able to get a solid boil from this stovetop as well, which is encouraging, as I wasn’t sure it would have the power to do it.

Speedwolf + late hop additions=good brewing.

I hit my numbers like I thought, and made a big starter for the AA yeast, so now the wort is fermenting away in the fermentation “chamber” I made for it. It’s just a cooler with an insulated lid that I cut out of insulation. I fill the cooler with cold water and rotate frozen water bottles out to keep the temperature around 65-68. It works like a charm.

Also, in the downtime of brewing, you can (and should!) make bread. So I did, and it looks like this:

Much more news to come. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the local beer scene more, and I will do a whole post dedicated to that and to my search for a job in the brewing industry.


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