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I dry hopped Goodman Brown last night. I will be kegging it and getting it carbed up for a competition soon. It looks like this:

Also, after frustration (lack of control) with bottle conditioning and with no other fantastic alternative, I caved and bought a Blichmann Beer Gun. I hooked the thing up yesterday and bottled some Saison I still have kicking around in a keg. The Beer Gun is pretty killer. It makes bottling from a keg relatively easy, clean, and gives the comfort that my beer won’t be oxidized. So, no more bottle conditioning outside of Belgian beers.

Here is the broken down beer gun:

Finally, this morning, I found a place that could serve as a central storage spot for my “cellar” beers and moved everything over.

I talked with Nathaniel of Big Choice Brewing earlier in the week. We got to chat for a while, and he answered all my questions in depth and was just generally a good guy. I might be spending some time at that brewery, time will tell.


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