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I have brewed an imperial stout, which I am modeling to be an imperial version of the poblano stout. The brew day went well enough. Here are some pictures:

Mashing In

O.G. 1.100, It’s a Big One

I’m using Whitbread yeast, and upon initial tasting, the beer has some odd tart flavor. It fermented in the cool range, around 65, so I’m just going to let it sit for a while and see what develops.

I also brewed an IPA/Wheat IPA. My initial plan was to use Simcoe and Nelson hops, as I thought those flavors would go well together or, at least, be interesting, but I could not find Nelson hops anywhere…so I subbed Centennial in place of the Nelson, as I had a few ounces in the freezer.

I used almost all late (in the last 10 minutes of boil) hop additions on this one.

Whole hops go inside the bag lest ye desire a clogged siphon.

So aside from those two beers, I recently one two medals, both for my porter. The first took gold in the Ska Pro Am, check it here: http://www.durangohomebrew.com/2012_Awards.html

And the second was a silver in the BEER Brew Off. Check it here: http://beerhbc.org/

I plan to bottle (c&c) the barleywine, Rosewater, soon. It is carbing up as I type.


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Alright, so since the last post, surprise, I’ve kept brewing. I brewed Awerye, which I will keg soon, and I have a barleywine fermenting right now. I haven’t brewed a barleywine in over a year…hopefully it turns out well.

Here are a few shots (hey pictures again!) of the brew day:

Transferring into fermentor

The carboy sits in that cooler with the insulated lid and blow-off tube. I fill the cooler up with water and rotate bottles of ice to keep the temp where I need it.

Also, I packed up beer for two competitions, see the competitions link (I’m just including this because I forgot to take more pictures of the brew day).

Outside of the two new brews, last night I went to the soft opening of Big Choice and got to taste the beers I helped brew, which was awesome! Plus the beer is fantastic. I’ll be at the actual opening this weekend and will also be helping brew more. I look forward to more of this:

But, if I don’t quite post as much here, it’s because the weather is getting far too nice to sit indoors when I could be hiking and looking at this landscape:

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